Sappada Dolomiti

Tourist center in the heart of the Dolomites


Mountain Cousine

Restaurants, hotels, farms in the area of ​​Sappada, as well as those of neighboring countries, will satisfy the most demanding palates in terms of typical specialties, try tasty appetizers based on local salami, tasty gnocchi with herbs, meat (all from local organic farms), an unforgettable cotechino, home-made desserts and the selection of typical grappa and bitters. Everything is offered with cordiality and kindness at more than fair prices
The cuisine of this area is "mountain" cuisine and, hence the triumph of butter and mountain cheeses, various cold cuts, the inevitable dumplings, mushrooms, game.

A hot soup bowl is waiting for the guests to disclose to them its delicious contents, after an exciting day on the skis. When outside is already dark the star of good Tyrolese cooking of the Dolomites, King Canederlo, makes its triumphant entry. It is a popular dish here in Sappada so closely related to other local dishes that is appreciated by all families and offered by all restaurants in the village. Why this success?



The reasons are simple: it’s peculiar "ball" shape; its simple ingredients (dry, bred, eggs and speck); its versatility, since it can be accompanied by potatoes, red turnips, cottage cheese, cheese, and spinach - ... indeed a real example of fine cuisine - which confirms its positions as the king of an old sound tradition