Sappada Dolomiti

Tourist center in the heart of the Dolomites



In Sappada we speak an old German dialect, and it is one of his particularities, because it is the only village in the province of Belluno in which it is maintained (for more than 1000 years) this type of dialect

very special and interesting is the carnival

It is the main event of the Sappada winter. Tradition and folklore, a wish for fun and plays, lading to a special event and attracting children, tourists and local residents all the same.
the Carnival in Sappada is anticipated by the preparation involved that puts to work the local associations.
It is different from other events of the kind because it lasts longer and it is certainly the biggest ever with many people wearing wonderful fancy dress costumes.


There isn’t anything less here than in the most famous Carnival parades of Italy or Europe as far as history and tradition are concerned.
Furthermore it is a Carnival with no class divisions and yet it depicts the social life of the past divided into three Sundays: the Sunday of the poor (Pettlar Suntag), that of the framers (Paurn Suntag) and that of the rich (Hearn Suntag).
After that the Shrove Monday comes which is dedicated to the "Rollat". On the Mardi gras day and again on the Thursday before Lent it is time for the Carnival floats.
A show to be seen and that everyone can enjoy and appreciate also for its cultural aspects, a propitious anticipation for the new season to come.