Sappada Dolomiti

Tourist center in the heart of the Dolomites



Sappada is summer and winter tourist resort, located on the border between Veneto (Belluno), Friuli and Austria, famous for the traditions derived from its history. It is located at an altitude of 1250 meters s.l.m. and has about 1500 inhabitants, which in the summer and winter seasons multiply due to the arrival of numerous tourists.

The Old Sappada dolomites village: is an attractive walk across the old houses, an example of ancient culture and local architecture in the mountains.
You can admire the original houses built in wood, in the summer period they are characterized from the attractive balconies with the flowers.


The main resource of Sappada is tourism, both summer and winter and there is an ever-increasing commitment to welcoming guests who come to relax and breathe clean air, as well as having fun on the ski slopes.